Emotional balance

Research has indicated strong correlations between chronic stress and physical and emotional health. Meditation was among the first relaxation techniques shown to have a measurable effect on stress reduction.


Simply by floating, even if only once every few weeks, we can strengthen our immune systems, increase our ability to withstand and respond to stress, reduce the level of harmful biochemicals in our system, and become stronger and happier.

Pain relief

We know now that our mind causes pain. Floatation has the ability to decrease anxiety and can significantly reduce the pain-reducing stimuli, whether it is a headache, a broken bone or a broken heart.

Deep Relaxation

The state of deep relaxation is in itself beneficial to health, since it allows the body to maintain its internal system of checks and balances, its homeostasis. Floating lowers the levels of these harmful biochemicals, and leads to increased sensory awareness. We simply feel our bodies better, more clearly, and as a result we are able to regulate them more effectively.


Wellness is a holistic approach to health, encompassing physical, mental, social, cultural and spiritual dimensions. Wellness is about potential, moving toward the highest state of wellbeing of which we are capable, and is the responsibility of the individual and cannot be delegated to someone else.

External stimuli

External stimuli are constantly fighting against our system’s equilibrium. Every turn, every degree of temperature above or below the body’s optimal level, every encounter with other people, everything we see and feel can disrupt our homeostasis, our optimal state of balance, harmony, equilibrium and stability.

Float Tank

But when we enter the float tank, we abruptly stop making constant adjustments to outer stimuli. Since there are no external threats, no pressures to adapt to outside events, the system can devote all its energies to restoring itself. The normal state, of course, is health, vigour, enthusiasm, and immense pleasure in being alive.

You could just float off into space


Sometimes you wish you could just float off into space for a while to get your second wind. Now you can. Floating on your back in a warm saline solution, shut off from light and sound, you are freed of 90% of your usual sensory stimulation. You’re suspended in a state of deep relaxation. Healing, even from chronic pain, proceeds at a most rapid pace. Worries or hang-ups can be brought into focus and confronted; stress can be breathed away. Visualization techniques, so successful among body-builders, are now easy to employ. You even have the potential to mentally practice athletic skills or engage in other forms of advanced learning.

Its ability to put us into a theta state.


There are countless stories of such moments of inspiration and creativity occurring when the thinker is nodding off to sleep, or gazing into the sky, or wandering lonely as a cloud. Virtually all of them speak of the drowsiness, the physical relaxation, the vivid imagery appearing unexpectedly, that mark them as examples of the theta state. The tank cannot make geniuses of us all, but its ability to put us into a theta state suggests that it can be a valuable aid in promoting creativity.

25 Million $

Research Budget


Patients healed

212 Scientists

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The process is not only deep relaxation

Enhanced learning

Researchers studying superlearning techniques have found that not only is deep relaxation essential to the process, but the deeper the relaxation, the more we are able to learn. The great potential of floating as a tool for enhancing learning ability has been clear to researchers for a long time, and there are already a number of superlearning programs in operation that use tanks, playing instruction tapes to floaters through in-tank speakers.

The tank’s real power seems to lie in heightening the floater’s ability to understand difficult concepts, and to combine these concepts in original and imaginative ways – to come up with new answers to problems, to create new knowledge.

Richard Jones – Australian senator

“Floatation Tanks? The 2nd best thing to being in Heaven!”

Micheal Hutchinson – The book of Floating

“The most profound relaxation available on the planet!”

Richard Doyle – Penn State University

“It’s one of those things you have to experience for yourself!”

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