Finding the Best Door You Can Be Sure of

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When choosing your front door, three parameters will have to be taken into account: material, insulation and security.

Good materials

In terms of materials, you have the choice between wood, metal (steel or aluminum), composite, glass or PVC. Increasingly acclaimed, the latter has the merit of being both resistant, easy to maintain and accessible in terms of price. Now available in many colors, it can really set the tone at home. A glass door, very design, will ensure more optimal brightness to your home. If you opt for the composite, fiberglass very resistant, you bet on an insulating and safe material that does not rust and requires no maintenance.

Aesthetics and respectful of the environment, wood is the most insulating material thanks to its fibers. For more elegance, you will prefer a door in oak or exotic wood and, if you have a small budget, the tree will respond. The Chatham upvc doors are there with the essential option now.

A steel door, why not? But, too prone to corrosion, to proscribe at the seaside. Aluminum is however recommended because it does not corrode and its sealing is good.

Choosing the right door requires asking the right questions. Material, glazing, design, security. Discover our advice to choose the door of entry adapted to your needs and your budget.

The entrance door can be semi-glazed (more rarely totally glass), or massive. This can be wood, PVC, aluminum or composite materials. To choose a gateway, several questions are asked: what level of security do you want? Do you want to improve the insulation of your home? Do you want a design front door? And finally, are you ready to regularly maintain your outer door?

Do you want to install a front door?

Choose your front door: for a secure entrance door

80% of offenses are through the front door. Securing the closures of the house is therefore essential. The highest security is provided by an armored door . But it is also this type of door that requires the largest budget. It should be noted that the resistance of the armored doors varies according to the model.

To help individuals make the right choice, an independent organization, the CNPP (National Center for Prevention and Protection) classifies the armored entrance doors in three groups: the BP1 armored door withstands an attempted break-in for 5 minutes, the BP 2 armored door withstood a break-in attempt for 10 minutes and a BP 3 armored door withstood an attempted break-in for 15 minutes. If these times may seem short, you should know that it is very rare that a burglar takes the risk of lingering for more than a few minutes to open a door.

To have an existing door shielded is much cheaper than buying an armored door. The shielding of an entrance door is to clad the door already in place with steel and install a new lock.


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