From the early fifties of the past century, one of the pros in the field of brain researchthat the concept was widely used that in terms of absolute isolation from the external world, ie, lack of incentives to get
Sense organs, the action of the mind stops (the concept of sensory deprivation) and guy
On the other hand, the famed American neurophysiologist John Lilly was convinced that the individual understanding has its own supply of action, and as soon as the stimulation of the surroundings are switched off, the mind continues its function, but switches into another manner.

To establish his claim, the scientist Required to Fully isolate the individual from
All outside influences. “Turning off the match” mild, odor and flavor, particularly in the lab, is easy enough, however there always remains the effect of these forces of gravity and also the atmosphere that joins us firmly to fact – touch. We believe that the surface of the body where we stand,
Lie or sit, always control receptors of humidity and temperature of the surroundings, the vestibular analyzer …

John Lilly discovered a stunning and witty remedy to the issue, putting a individual at a mild and soundproof reservoir with hot water soaked with a lot of English salt. High levels of water didn’t permit the entire body to sink, so a sense of weightlessness was made. Therefore, the fluctuations in humidity and temperature vanished, and also the effect of this power of gravity has been neutralized.

Because of this, there was a distinctive experimental arrangement which enabled the scientist not just to show the correctness of their theory regarding the freedom of human comprehension, but also to start a fundamentally new leadership in enhancing the standard of life, permitting quite quickly and positively naturally to revive not just the bodily, but also the psychological and spiritual possibility.